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Managerial Function in Telco & IT / IS
Date de disponibilité : 03/09/2017
Référence TEQ : PROF00003309
Publié le 29/08/2017, consulté 360 fois
Expériences professionnelles :
- Architecte de système d’information (en 2017)
- Acheteur informatique et télécom (en 2017)
- Chef de projet (de 2006 à 2017)
- Consultant en conduite du changement (de 2006 à 2017)

Etudes :
- > Bac + 5, Mastère CASI ENST (Telecom Paris) (2006)
- Ingénieur, Diplôme Ingénieur SUPELEC (1992)

Régions :
- Ile-de-France
- Nord-Pas-de-Calais
- Picardie
Compétences informatiques :
- AMOA   
- Analyse   
- Architecture logicielle   
- Architecture SI   
- Architecture technique   
- Change manager    
- Commerce / Appel d'offres / Business Development   
- Conduite de projet   
- Conduite du changement   
- Coordination   
- Création logiciels   
- Déploiement   
- Enterprise Architect   
- Excel   
- GPRS   
- GSM   
- Management   
- Planning   
- PMO   
- R&D   
- Rédaction technique / Spécification / Cahier des C   
- Téléphonie   
- ToIP   
- UMTS   
- Voip   
- Cloud
- Gestion Budgétaire
- integration
- Intégration de progiciel/logiciel classique/SaaS
- Marketing
- Production
- Support

Managerial Function in Telco & IT / IS

Migration / Program / Project Manager - Technical Team Leader
Chief Solution Architect - Business & Functional Analyst


At a glance - Career Highlights

Algerian High Way IT / IS Project Manager

Nationwide Operators Migration/Program Manager

French Rail ways Migration Manager

European Operators International Coordination. Organisation, Governance and Strategy set-up.

More than 15 Years Program / Project Management and Business Analysis in Telco and IT / IS

5 Years R&D Management

o Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
Ability to think “out-of-the box”.
o Good prioritisation skills and ability to work within
constraints and commercially tense contexts.
o Very large panorama of Telco, IT / IS and R&D technologies.
o Intensive Project & Program Management:
o Large, complex and international projects within
multi-cultural (e.g. European, Chinese, Indian…)
and distributed environments.
o Project Portfolio management, PMO, planning, organization set-up, instances launch,
process & Work Flow optimization.
o Resources Management and coordination
(distributed pool, on-shore & off-shore…).
o Migration Management.
o Risk Management.
o Test Management.
o Emphasis on costs, profitability & quality.
o Sales Support & Tendering. Business Cases.

o R&D Management. Software Factory: JAVA. AGILE…

o Multiple specific IT & IS Consultancy Missions:
Feasibility, studies / analysis,
Ecosystems cartography for migration
(e.g. to Cloud),
Complex applications Refresh and Re-design
within new R&D paradigms…

11-2014 /
03-2017 Technical Project Manager & Technical / Engineering Team Leader
for the IT / IS & Telco solutions along the East-West High Way (1200 km) in Algeria.

Within the consortium GCIE (Groupement Cosider / Indra / Ericsson), negotiation, design and roll out of the turn-key Telco infrastructures and IT / IS ecosystem(s), along the High Way, relying on and integrating multiple and various technologies: optical fibre networks, IP and TOIP networks, Video Surveillance (CCTV), Emergency Call System (ERT), Toll Systems, Electricity adduction, Radio Networks (Tetra and FM 107.7)… Data Centers design and set-up…

01-2012 /
10-2014 Project Manager & Migration Manager - Business Analyst
for Infrastructure, Network, Data Center and UC (Unified Communication) solutions.

Dense Portfolio of extremely various integration and transversal End-to-End projects (from few hundreds to 1000 Man-days) for multiple and various customers (from small to large companies, nationwide and/or international):
Deliveries, Roll out, Refresh, Virtualization (e.g. by Cloud), Migration / Swap of infrastructures (Data, IT & TOIP networks, Data Centers…) and integration to existing Ecosystems (information systems).

06-2010 /

Program Manager / Project Manager & Migration Manager
for the roll-out, migration / swap then launch of the national IMS** network of nationwide public Telco operator Mobistar in Belgium.

**IMS (IP Multimedia System) is the 3GPP / ESTI standardized and converged evolution for 3GPP mobile networks (UMTS, 3G and onward) and for fix networks (TISPAN), designed to offer VoIP, ToIP, MoIP (MultiMedia over IP) and Added Value services solutions for all professional and corporate segments (e.g. SIP Trunking, Call Center…) and for mass market (e.g. IPTV, streaming, “triple-play” box…).

o Highly international & distributed environment: remote R&D and Product Lines (China, USA).
o Centralization by Orange Group European IMS program in France, validating and coordinating all local national implementations like Mobistar IMS program.
o High-pressure commercial environment with extremely tight deadlines and within tense profitability strategy.
o Very complex IMS program (> 3.000 Man-days) on organizational and technical levels.

09-2009 /
05-2010 Business Analyst & R&D Program Manager
for the design, development and roll out of BICS*** “home-made” BSS / OSS & ERP system.

***BICS (Belgacom International Carrier Services) is a joint-venture between Belgacom and Swisscom: BICS worldwide backbones carry voice, VoIP and data traffics between all national operators on Earth.

Specification, design, development and roll out of the “home-made” BSS / OSS & ERP tool that does manage and exploit BICS international backbones (Voice, IP) and their numerous points of interconnection (i.e. technical and physical interfaces, each with specific contractual SLA & QoS), throughout Earth, to BICS numerous partners and customers (national operators & carriers in all countries).

07-2008 /
05-2009 Project Manager / Business & Migration Analyst
within the “managed services” on the Information System (Data Centers, Data warehouse…) of the nationwide public Telco operator Base-KPN in Belgium.

Migration and Transition preparation: move and (re-)organisation / refresh
(with OS upgrades / virtualization / consolidation) of Base-KPN Data Centers (and of their IP backboning), composed of over 10.000 entities (servers, hosted applications, databases, VM…) of all kinds: Windows, Linux, Unix, HP, Sun, Oracle…

Multiple IS / IT architectures enhancements or refresh / updates.

05-2007 /
06-2008 Migration Manager & Business Analyst
within SNCF (national French Railways).

End-to-End portage and migration of legacy Ecosystems after the introduction of
GSM-R, swapping the legacy (and analog) radio carrier.

05-2004 /
09-2005 Technical Program Coordinator & Test Manager
within FT / Orange Group.

Setup of the central European Program that ensures the centralized, technical and global coordination and management, between all local Orange national operators (affiliates and partners), as to their Mobile Core and IP network solutions.

04-1999 /
04-2004 Solution / Product Marketing Manager (bid management, pre-sales…)
within Nokia Networks (now NSN)

Expertise and in-depth knowledge on Core Network & Services Solutions within Nokia portfolio (GPRS, UMTS, MSC Server, NGN… intelligent edge & IMS).
PLM::remote Product Lines. R&D follow-up. Roadmaps, Strategies set-up.
Sales Supports (bid management, pre-sales, customers support and relations…) for major accounts (European scale operators like Vodafone, Orange)
Early production & turnkey networks launches (distributed project and care teams support and coordination, logistics…). Integration to existing IT/IS & Telco.

04-1998 /
08-1999 Test / Acceptance and Field Engineer
within Nortel Networks

Roll-out, field acceptance and launch of GSM networks.
Integration to existing IT & Telco

04-1994 /
04-1998 R&D Engineer then Team Leader
within MATRACOM (now EADS Telecom)

Application Designer (Business Analyst & E2E Solution Architect) and Software Architect / Coder & Tester then R&D team leader on MC9600 program, mobile PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) network for the French Police (ACROPOL) and “Gendarmerie” (RUBIS).

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